A letter to the amazing clients of Stenia

It is with great sadness that Nate and I must announce that we are closing the doors to Stenia. It has been an amazing 5 years but unfortunately due to many circumstances, we can no longer make it work.  We know this announcement is sudden and we are sorry we could not provide you with more notice.

Stenia was so much more than a gym to us. It was our community. It was a place where we could grow and learn. A place that was safe for us to experiment, challenge ourselves, make mistakes and find success. It was a place where we smiled and laughed a lot. A place where you could bring your sister, brother, father or child to share in what we built, and what you were a part of.

I started this company when I was 21, incorporated in 2008 and Nate joined the team shortly after. We worked out of another gym location for a couple of years with dreams of building our own space. We found Tessa and brought her on the team. We decided it was time to do our own thing, and in 2010 opened this location. We built it from the ground up – literally. Like there was a giant hole in the floor when we found this space and we put every tile, wall, and medicine ball in exactly the right place. Alex joined the team in 2011, then Adrienne in 2012 and Corey in 2013. We made the ballsy decision to expand in 2014 to make room for more programs and people and turned two old dirty industrial bays into the most beautiful gym in the city.

The staff we have here poured their souls into this place just like we did. We are so fortunate to have had the pleasure of working along side such beautiful and inspiring people. They made every day better for us, and we know they did the same for you. It’s hard for Nate and I to think about going to work and not seeing Tessa, Alex, Adrienne, Corey, Kennedy and Lucy. And to the amazing staff members of the past, we thank you for being a part of this with us. We could not have created this place without all of you guys.

We know that nothing last forever. This is one of the laws of nature. An organism is born and eventually dies. Out of its’ remains sprouts the next generation.  It is a bit ironic because our logo is based off the flames from the Phoenix tattoo on my left arm. The flame is constantly burning and recycling itself.  It dies and then is reborn again. We can’t help but think that many wonderful things will arise from the ashes Stenia, some of which we are already working on and others we have not even thought of yet. We hope that your time here, whether it was months or years, was as positive for you as it was for us. And we hope that out of your time here something positive arises for you as well.

We will look back on these last 5 years with so much love. Thank you for smiling, sweating, swearing, record attempting, MB slammin’, punching, kicking, Spartan’ing, Bulletproofing and Stenia’ing along with us. Strength. Vitality. Stenia

Much Love,
Kels and Nate

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